Friday, July 16, 2010

My Great-Great-Great Grandparents

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My Great-Great-Great Grandparents
(Paternal Grandfather’s side)
Stephen Badger ---born 1803 in Rockingham Co., Virginia ---died 1875 in Jasper Co., Illinois
Surbrina Lemasters Lee ---born 1812 in Ohio ---died 1889 in Jasper Co., Illinois

Samuel Barrett ---born 1792 in Cabell Co., West Virginia ---died 1862 in Rush Co., Indiana
Clarissa McComas ---born 1802 in Cabell Co., West Virginia ---died 1892 in Henry Co., Indiana

Noah Myers ---born 1814 in Rowan Co., North Carolina ---died 1887 in Jasper Co., Illinois
Malinda Sink (or Zink) ---born 1819 in Indiana ---died 1880 in Jasper Co., Illinois

Hedgeman Riley ---born 1822 in Page Co., Virginia ---died 1894 in Jasper Co., Illinois
Louisa Caroline Kibler ---born 1825 in Page Co., Virginia ---died 1910 in Jasper Co., Illinois

(Paternal Grandmother’s side)
Jesse Elisha Woodward ---born 1794 in Franklin Co., Vermont ---died 1885 in Nebraska
Annie Ortentia Kneeland ---born 1793 in Virginia ---died 1869 in Iowa

Elisha Drew ---born 1807 in Glengary, Ontario, Canada ---died 1882 in Stephenson Co., Illinois
Rebecca Dart ---born abt 1808, Canada ---died

Elisha Nicholson ---born 1834 in Dubois Co., Indiana ---died 1916 in Furnas Co., Nebraska
Delilah Angeline Goosic ---born 1839 in Ringgold Co., Iowa ---died 1926 in Furnas Co., Nebraska

Gabriel Martin ---born 1821 in Pennsylvania ---died 1897 in Latah Co., Idaho
Katherine Best ---born 1823 in Ohio ---died 1897 in Latah Co., Idaho

(Maternal Grandfather’s side)
Robert Gemmill ---born in Scotland ---died
Carolyn Fullerton ---born in Scotland ---died

Patrick Nickey (could be Hickey) ---born in Ireland ---died
Mary O’Connell ---born in Ireland ---died

Michael McCarthy ---born in Canada ---died
Johanna Harrington ---born in Canada ---died

John Powers ---born in Canada ---died
Winifred Keenan ---born in Canada ---died

(Maternal Grandmother’s side)
Carl David Schmidt ---born 1829 in Germany ---died 1915 in Ramsey Co., Minnesota
Anna Dorothea Fenn ---born 1833 in Germany ---died 1909 in Menominee Co., Wisconsin

Albert Henry Graffenberger ---born 1827 in Germany ---died 1914 in Lewis Co., Washington
Wilhelmina Biedemann ---born 1830 in Germany ---died 1900 in Renville Co., Minnesota

Nathaniel James Lewis ---born 1843 in Perth, Scotland ---died 1934 in Tranmere, England
Jean Durban Simpson ---born 1848 in Perth, Scotland ---died 1924 in Tranmere, England

James Stewart ---born 1848 in Tranmere, England ---died 1903 in Liverpool, England
Selina Dagnall ---born 1849 in Liverpool, England ---died 1939 in King Co., Washington


  1. We must be related someway through Hedgeman Riley who is my great-great grandfather.....Hi cuz

  2. Hi cuz! Thanks for writing. If you want to trade info, my email is andreabadger2008(at)

  3. Delilah Angeline Goosic (Nicholson was my grandmothers mother

  4. Andrew Jackson "Jack" goosic is her father cant find her in the photo though

  5. the man in the middle with the beard is jack and I would think that Delilah would be in ther some place other picture is hers

  6. As Nancy had said, we are related through the same conneciton, I have yet to find who I believe was Great Great Great Great Grandfather Hedgeman Riley SR. do you are anyone else have any leads on this. I happen to live in Fairfax Virginia and visit both Springfield Virginia where several original Riley are buried, and I have traveled out to Page County where Hedgeman and Caroline were married and suppose to have been born. have been able to trace back Caroline side way back as I am sure most of our relatives have done... Hi find me at quazione @ grandson of P.D. Riley in Albuquerque NM.

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