Lately, I have been using Excel to maintain chromosome maps for myself and my relatives. These chromosome maps identify which segments of DNA came from which ancestor.
(click to enlarge)
 See below for links to download these spreadsheets -- I have included my template and also my current paternal chromosome map as an example of how I use this tool.

How can you get started with your chromosome map?

1) The first step is to gather Family Inheritance Advanced data (use the table view) from your family members and confirmed connections in Relative Finder.

I've underlined the key information in red -- you need the chromosome where the segment is located, and the start and end points (leave off the six trailing zeros).

2) Input this data in the appropriate sheets of the Excel spreadsheet. 

The way my template is set up, the inputted data should go in the numbered sheets. The numbered sheets are the working sheets, whereas the sheets entitled "Parent," "Grandparent," and so forth, are where the assembled chromosomes go, so that you can easily see the current status of your chromosome map.

3) Use the Excel fill button to color in the shared segments. 

4) As you make updates to the working sheet, transfer these updates into the main sheet.

The working sheet contains the data that went into building your chromosome map. The main sheet contains only the compiled chromosomes, for easy viewing.


You can customize the template to suit your needs. For example, if you have your parents tested, the "Parent" chromosome map will likely not be very useful to you

These files were created using Excel 2013 and I have also tested them in Excel 2010.

Please contact me with any questions or comments.

Happy mapping!


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  2. Really interesting. The second file isn't accessible btw.

    You can also do something similar to track connections to various people as a way of trying to discern you connections I assume.

    My grandparents have all passed away, so I don't think the pages for relatives far back could be used - I guess to do the multiple historic generations back you need to have a number of living generations that can be tested.

  3. Hi Claire, thanks for letting me know about the second link -- I fixed it.

    My grandparents are all deceased as well. I do have a number of my dad's cousins tested, and also my paternal half-sisters. You can also use your confirmed connections in Relative Finder to make these maps.

  4. Love this ability to take your Chromosomes and spin the data on your own.
    Could I use your two graphics and links for our next Seattle Genealogical Societies DNA Interest Group Presentation powerpoint on 29 June?
    sgsdnasig "at" gmail.com

  5. Andrea,
    This chromosomes mapping seems like a very complex thing to me. I would like to be able to see if there is any useful information for me, but I do not feel this is something I have the time to devote to learning. Is there anyone who offers this service that I might be able to hire to do mine. Please email me at carolpublic@earthlink.net.

    Thank you, Carol

  6. Any chance you could export those .xlsx files so they can be read by earlier versions of Excel (e.g., Excel 2003 uses the .xls extension)? Thanks!

  7. I'll admit: I am stumped at the first step "The first step is to gather Family Inheritance Advanced data (use the table view) from your family members and confirmed connections in Relative Finder." Where is this table view?

  8. Hi Andrea, neither of the links works for me. Have you changed the file locations?

  9. I look forward to the day this is all built in to our genealogy software. It seems overdue.

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  11. Hi Andrea. I'm looking for this very type of file but I recently purchased a new computer and loaded Office 365 on it. Apparently Excel requires Excel 365 in order to download it. Is there any chance of an upgraded copy anytime soon?

    1. Hi, try replacing https://www.box~ in the link with app.box~
      That's what worked for me. :)

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  13. Box download is broken, shows dialog box that says download in progress but there is no download.

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  18. Hi Andrea,
    I have tried to download the templates but its not working.

  19. My closet match is a 1st cousin on my mom's side. (Dad is unknown) Can this be used still as a tool for someone like me?

    Mom passed before I could test her

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