Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Got my 23andme results!

Well, today I sat down at the library with grand plans to study. It was about 2:30 and I decided to stay at school for a while and maybe take the 7:50 ferry home.

Then, around 3'o clock, I checked my email on my iPod and I got an email --- "Your Genetic Profile is Ready at 23andMe!"

Yes, I packed up my stuff and ran for the bus so that I could catch the 4:20 ferry.

And I have since been examining my results. No homework is going to be done tonight, I can guarantee that.

The results really are fascinating.

Some are relatively mundane (click to enlarge if necessary):

Yes, I do indeed have brown eyes, as predicted. I was hoping for this result because it means that I can potentially have blue-eyed kids. I really like brown eyes but I do like blue eyes too. Variety is the spice of life, yeah?

Two of my grandparents were blue-eyed and two were brown-eyed, and my dad had brown eyes, while my mom has hazel eyes. I thought one of my grandparent's blue-eyed genes might have made it down to me, but could never be sure before now. But it has! There are more genes to eye color, which I am still exploring, but this is the main one, so I am happy to see a G.

Yes, indeed. I know that my dad was type A from his military records, and now I can see that he must have been AO in order to give me an O. This means my mom is either type B (with a genotype of either BB or BO, like me) or type AB. (She doesn't know her blood type).

There are also quite a number of traits that are included in 23andme, for example multiple sclerosis:

And the ancestry section is quite fascinating, and improving all the time.

Look at all that blue! Apparently I am 100% European, which I was pretty much expecting from my genealogy research. However my dad did always tell me that we had Native American relatives somewhere so I wondered if a bit of orange for Asian would show up. Guess not. My dad's mother did grow up in an area that was roughly 80% Native American, so I wonder if he heard stories from her about Native Americans and maybe that's where the rumor came from.

And check this out, I can see this quickly becoming my one of my favorite parts of 23andme:

Check out all those cousins --- 23andme found 214 matches for me so far. I have already contacted some and sent out some lists of my relatives for them to compare to their relatives --- we will see what happens!

Check out the site for more information.

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